Halal Transactions Of Omaha

Almas is a new line of products being produced by a highly experienced team at Golden Farms. A Company located in Los Angeles, CA. With the expansion of our facility and state of the art equipments imported from Europe we are able to produce high quality deli meats suitable to satisfy a wide range of tastes. From Mediterranean delicacies, halal Meats, healthy Turkey products we can do it all. All our products are made from premium quality raw materials and only the finest and fresh ingredients. It is of high importance to us that we continue to provide the most healthy and satisfying products possible.

Why Almas?

  • Because it is a :
  • Halal
  • Lower Fat
  • Gluten Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Lower salt ( Less that %1.8)
  • MSG Free
  • and above all, mouthwatering!

Fresh Foods

aboutWhen it comes to fresh deli meats, it is always difficult to have both quality and wholesomeness together, and nearly impossible to find having both and being Halal! But … No worries! Almas has done it all, including GLUTEN FREE & MSG FREE! Please take a look at our Fresh Almas Halal Deli Meats, proudly made in California, USA

Frozen Foods

aboutWe were always thinking of convenience food, but so easily cooked at home, using NO microwave, having no hassle of preparation, ready in minutes and when cooked, being delicious, juicy!… And we did it! Please take a look at Almas Halal Frozen Meat Products catalog and see what innovations we have made.