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Almas Food was established in 2012, introducing new line of products being produced by a highly experienced team in Los Angeles area, Southern California. We are proud of our quality, we have the most wide range of varieties of Halal Deli Meats in the northern America.. From Mediterranean style delicacies, healthy products, Ready To Eat Foods,  we can do it all. All our products are made from premium quality raw materials and only the finest and fresh ingredients. We are the one and only producer of Halal Deli meats in the USA, that our products are FLAVORFUL, HORMONE FREE, ANTIBIOTIC FREE*, GLUTEN FREE, MSG FREE!

Try Almas Food once, and you’ll stay with us! That’s for sure!

Halal Certification
Halal is an Arabic term which refers to anything “permissible” in the Islamic faith. When it is applied to food, it denotes specific regulations as to which types of food/ drink Muslims can consume as well as how those items are prepared.

What are we making?

We make the most flavorful Halal Deli Meats, such as Mortadella with Pistachio, Beef Pastrami, Roast Beef, Beef Deli Roll Smoky, Chicken Deli Roll Smoky, Chicken Mushroom, all types of Turkey Breasts, Beef and Cheese Cocktail, Smoky Beef Cocktail, Chicken Cheese Mushroom Cocktail, Beef Frank, Chicken Frank, Kebob Koobideh Beef, Kebob Koobideh Chicken, Chicken Breast Kebobs (Jujeh Kebob), Beef, Chicken Burgers, take a glance at our product list. you’ll see!

What are the Almas Food Tastes?

ALMAS takes you to The Mediterranean:

Enjoy the authentic flavors and extraordinary tastes from wide range of international and ethnic gourmet foods. From Mild flavors to Hot and Spicy….we offer them all…Satisfaction guaranteed!

Almas Blog

To describe what is almas halal food , we have to refer to three sources. The first sources is passages in the Quran. The second source is the saying of the prophet Muhammad. the third source is Hadith , which are the saying and writings......

Persian Lamb and Celery Stew Celery stew is another healthy and delicious Iranian dish. It’s a combination of meat, evenly sliced celery, finely chopped parsley, a little bit of mint (preferably fresh), fresh squeezed lime juice and the right amount of seasoning. In my opinion,......

gluten free foods can now be found everywhere without having to be stuck to health-food shops for a long time. Nowadays supermarkets proudly put the label gluten free. Also you can find some restaurants whit this options on their foods. Based on evidence and media,......

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