MSG free products of Almas food

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a type of the naturally occurring amino acid glutamate. Its usage is to intensify the taste of food as an additive in addition.  This flavor enhancer, originally extracted from seaweeds and used in Asian cuisines. It has now become a common find in many food products. Consequently, MSG can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Extra usage can increase your risks for obesity, memory loss and other pancreatic and psychological disorders.
Though the FDA does not prohibit the use the MSG in food products. The discovery of these medical troubles has made the public become increasingly more cautious of this substance. Almas foods are completely MSG free.

Awareness about Hidden MSG

One should not make the mistake of assuming that confirming with your server that the restaurant does not use MSG in dish preparation keeps you safe from MSG. The reality is that MSG is practically in every type of ready-made mix, sauce, dressing.  it is the same with broth and stock and a lot of other products you can find in grocery stores.

In fact Some manufactures use nonspecific terms “natural flavor,” “vegetable flavoring” or “flavor enhancers” , Which are always made from MSG. furthermore, Even food labels that prominently read “no added MSG” do not always mean that the product is MSG-free.


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