ghormeh sabzi; the king of persian stews

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew With No Meat
Ghormeh Sabzi is a stunningly delicious Persian stew that is served over steamed basmati rice. It has tender cooked meat in intensely fragrant, rich and lemony herb gravy with added kidney beans. This stew is popularly known as the national dish of Iran and is packed with protein and fiber.


Ghormeh Sabzi, has garnered the reputation of being one of the most beloved Persian stews. Call it the “King of Persian Stews” or the “National dish” – no Persian restaurant menu or buffet is ever complete without this well deserved star item.There are certain things in life that are to be experienced in its pristine originality and for sure this food is one of them. This ancient classic recipe involves the cooking down of a combination of herbs into a rather characteristic aromatic mélange.


This is so important for the taste of ghormeh sabzi. You can find these at Persian or middle eastern stores or online. But go for the dried limes as they are fairly easy to get.The dried limes are pierced and added in the whole form to the stew, which gently release the juices and aroma to the stew as it it cooked. Dried Persian lime powder or fresh lime/lemon juice is also added.So the three key flavor elements for this amazing food are: roasting of the herbs, fenugreek, dried limes. In Persian, ghormeh means “fried” and sabzi means “herbs”.

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