Gheimeh ; the stew that defies Persian dish

Gheimeh is an Iranian stew (khoresh) consisting of mutton, tomatoes, split peas, onion and dried lime. The stew is garnished with aubergine or saffron flavored fried potatoes and is usually served with rice.Khoresh Gheimeh, is a Beef and Split Pea Stew which is a very traditional and popular Iranian stew. It is served with saffron potatoes that is served over either white rice or Aromatic Rice. The Aromatic Rice is a version of steamed white rice where Persian Rice Spice blend is sprinkled on the rice before steaming it.The word gheymeh comes from how the meat is cut into small cubes in this recipe. It is also unlike other Persian khoreshs that have larger chunks of meat. Gheymeh meat is usually cut into about one inch cubes. Traditionally Gheymeh is made with lamb or beef but due to the recent interest in using white meat instead of the red meat some people may choose to use cubed chicken breast instead which involves a slightly different preparation than the lamb or beef.The yellow split peas used in this recipe are called “dir paz,” which literally means longer cooking. This kind of split peas look exactly the same as the regular split peas. Basically are a firmer variety that hold their shape better during the cooking process and do not fall apart. This variety is usually sold in the Middle Eastern markets and you can ask for it by name “lapeh dir paz;” lapeh means split pea.Limoo Amani (Persian dried lime) plays a big role in the amazing taste of Gheymeh. It is also sold in the Middle Eastern markets. However if you are unable to find it in your area you can substitute fresh lime juice for it and the Khoresh Gheymeh will still be wonderful.

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