Kashk Bademjan; the most popular Persian appetizer

Kashk Bademjan , is an Iranian, Azerbaijani and Turkish dish that literally translates as “kashk and eggplant”. Serving it either as an appetizer or a main dish is a delight. There are various recipes for this dish, involving caramelized onions, nuts, herbs and spices.

Kashke Bademjan is one of the most popular Persian appetizers. Bademjan is eggplant in Farsi, and kashk is a yogurt product that traditionally is made through a long process, from very firm yogurt.  The final product is either in the shape of balls or strips.. Using dried kashk in a recipe, it has to soak in small amount of warm water and dissolve gradually to produce a light brown, thick creamy liquid.  Kash is also available in most Middle Eastern markets in liquid form.

Kashke Bademjan has found its way to almost every Persian restaurant in the U.S. This appetizer can serve warm or at room temperature with pita wedges, flat bread, or baguettes. Just like most recipes there are many different versions of Kashke Bademjan. For one thing it usually consist of kashk that has a very strong.

However yogurt can easily go along with kashk or sour cream. Besides, ground walnuts add creaminess and substance to this amazing dip.Enjoy!

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