Litteh Pickled; the key to have a typical Persian dinner

Litteh Pickled

Torshi is what pickles are called in Iran. They can be made with cooked or raw fruits, or vegetables, or herbs preserved in vinegar and salt, and jazzed up with spices. Some types of torshi are ready to eat immediately after being prepared, while some require being aged before they are ready to be served.

Furthermore, Pickle or torshi is a very common side dish in Persian cuisine. It is served alongside rice and khoresh, kebobs and other traditional dishes. Liteh Pickled is a combination of pickled eggplant with a few other vegetables and herbs.

A good Litteh Pickled is a tangy, tasty, textured condiment that enhances the pleasure of the main dish. Iranians can’t get enough of torshi. It is an oft-present presence at sit-down family meals, and at least one type. In addition, if not more variations of it are certain to be offered as part of the accouterments of a typical Persian dinner party.

If you like eggplants and tangy condiments, you will very much enjoy this.

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