Halal Pepperoni; America’s Favorite Topping

Halal Pepperoni in Italian refers to large bell peppers, and has nothing to do with meat. Although there are similar variants of the spicy salami in Italy, the pepperoni sausage’s creation is entirely American.

What is pepperoni, really? For starters, everyone knows it’s a spicy sausage. Some of its more defining characteristics are that it is air-dried to perfection, has a smoky, spicy flavor, and is fine and soft in texture.

The birth and history of this sausage has traces back to the first wave of Italian butcheries and pizzerias that set shop in New York City during the early 20th century. And while it certainly sought inspiration from a few spicy salami recipes native to southern Italy, the Italians themselves never called it ‘pepperoni’.

Halal Pepperoni is a sausage comprising finely minced beef. To which they add red pepper and other spices and finally, culture to process and preserve the meat. Alternate versions have turkey meat and chicken in place of pork or beef, but doing so obviously meddles with its authenticity.

In the United States, pepperoni is synonymous with ‘Hormel’, by far the most popular brand in the country. Hormel Foods established in 1891. It is also consists of a wide range of pepperoni sausages as they are. It inclusions in sandwiches, calzones, and not to forget, the pizza. Their recipe calls for a medium-chopped version of the meat, to which red pepper and other spices are added. Enjoy this spicy halal pepperoni.

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