Halal Beef Mortadella; the tasty beef that suits every mood

Halal Beef Mortadella is a large Italian sausage or luncheon meat made of finely hashed or ground. Mortadella is a product of Bologna, Italy. It is more tasty with spices, including whole or ground black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios.

Mortadella is very popular in Spain and Portugal, where a variety with pepper and olives is widely available, especially in sandwiches. In eastern Spain, people tend to diffrentiate the local variant of catalana from the standard mortadella by referring to it as mortadella italiana.

In several countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel, halal mortadella is available. Which consists of chicken, beef, or turkey. It is also popular in Iran, albeit usually consists of beef or lamb,by the name of kaalbas, from Russian kolbasa.

In addition, the halal beef mortadella of Almas food has the best quality without any additional hormone, MSG,antibiotic or gluten. This is a tasty beef mortadella that you have to try and experience having the best quality in your mouth. Enjoy

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