Grilled eggplant; the key for Persian stews

Grilled eggplant can be one of the great treats of summer. Lusciously tender eggplant, with bits of crispy charred edges here and there. It works on its own, as part of a grilled vegetable platter, or even as a stand-in for a meat patty in burgers.

This easy recipe uses the power of salt water to guarantee great grilled eggplant crispy brown on the outside, creamy sweet on the inside, and full of flavor—every time you pop a few slices of this brilliantly flexible vegetable on a hot grill.

This delicious ingredient is also particularly yummy with a few tomatoes at its side. Even though, you should have eggplant in your stews in your Persian cuisine like Gheimeh. Furthermore, you can also make lots of desserts like Kashke bademjan and etc.

Enjoy !!!

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