Jojeh kabab; the king of all kababs

Jojeh Kabab

Throughout the world, kebab has become a ubiquitous word to define skewers of grilled meat, as well as vegetables. Today, we are continuing our Persian journey with one of the most popular kebabs. Jojeh kabab,‎ consists of pieces of chicken that are marinated in lemon juice as well as saffron and minced onion, that are then skewered ahead of time to be grilled on demand.

Jojeh kabab literally means grilled chicken. However, kebab originally means fried meat, and not grilled meat. Other sides traditionally serve with joojeh kabob and Persian kebab in general include grilled tomatoes, peppers, onions, as well as fresh lemons or other vegetables. Yogurt is sometimes added to the marinade, and although it tends to make the meat more tender. However, it is not a required ingredient.

Preparing kebab is not the most difficult thing. However, there is one mistake you should absolutely avoid: do not cook vegetables and meat on the same skewer! Simply because meat and vegetables do not require the same amount of time to cook. This is why you always see tomatoes and onions served separately from the meat skewers in any kebab dishes.

Now that you have the secrets behind tasty and juicy joojeh kabob. This delicious Persian chicken kebab should be on the menu of your next BBQ. Enjoy!

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