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Persian Pickled Litteh;

Persian Pickled Litteh

Persian Pickled Litteh Persian Pickled Litteh consists of cucumbers that show characteristic color and which are fairly well formed, fresh and firm. Furthermore, they are free from decay and from damage results by dirt, freezing, sunburn or other means.Furthermore, torshi are the pickled vegetables of the cuisines of many Balkan and Middle East countries. The […]

Fried Garlic of ALMAS; key role in traditional Persian cuisine

Fried Garlic of ALMAS

Fried Garlic of ALMAS, plays a key role in traditional Persian cuisine. The depth of its taste encapsulates unique aromas that multiply the taste. Furthermore, the consumption of fried eggplant is very vast in dishes like kashke bademjan, gheymeh with eggplant and etc. Garlic (Allium sativum) is a species in the onion genus, Allium. Its […]

Halal Chicken Koobideh; Grilled Ground Chicken Kebob

Halal Chicken Kebob Koobideh

Halal Chicken Koobideh There are many varieties of kebab in Persian cuisine. Chelow Kebab Koobideh (saffron steamed plain rice with grilled kebab) is a national dish of Iran and it is traditionally made with ground lamb. Halal Chicken Kebob Koobideh is made of chicken breast boneless.  This is one of the most popular kebabs you […]

Halal Beef Mortadella; the tasty beef that suits every mood

Halal Beef Mortadella is a large Italian sausage or luncheon meat made of finely hashed or ground. Mortadella is a product of Bologna, Italy. It is more tasty with spices, including whole or ground black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. Mortadella is very popular in Spain and Portugal, where a variety with pepper and olives […]

Halal Pepperoni; America’s Favorite Topping

Halal Pepperoni in Italian refers to large bell peppers, and has nothing to do with meat. Although there are similar variants of the spicy salami in Italy, the pepperoni sausage’s creation is entirely American. What is pepperoni, really? For starters, everyone knows it’s a spicy sausage. Some of its more defining characteristics are that it is air-dried […]

Hotlinks; the incredible cuisine of the United States

Hotlinks is a type of sausage from the incredible cuisines of the United States. It is an inseparable part of American barbecue, soul food, and Cajun and Louisiana Creole cuisines. It also goes by the names of “Red link” “Louisiana hot link”. These Flavorsome, Juicy Sausages are greatly popular throughout the world. In addition, it is also […]

Kashk Bademjan; the most popular Persian appetizer

Kashk Bademjan , is an Iranian, Azerbaijani and Turkish dish that literally translates as “kashk and eggplant”. Serving it either as an appetizer or a main dish is a delight. There are various recipes for this dish, involving caramelized onions, nuts, herbs and spices. Kashke Bademjan is one of the most popular Persian appetizers. Bademjan […]

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